"Other Providers"

When performing an assessment, it is helpful to note whether a services is being provided by your own staff or by Other Providers (i.e., a family member or friend, another health care provider, etc).

Making a note of other providers acknowledges the resident needs a particular service AND that your organization is not responsible for providing it. CliniDex allows users to identify and record the unaffiliated responsible party during the assessment.

The other provider types you want to make available to your users can be setup in advance. 

Add a new Other Provider Type

  • From the Setup tab, select Assessment. Next, select Providers - Other (Used in Assessments) from the menu on the right; This opens the Other Provider Types screen.

The options listed on this screen are the those available whenever an Other Provider is identified during an assessment.  To add to this list of options:

  • Press the New Button at the top of the Screen
  • Fill in the name of the Other Provider Type in the space under the Other Providers label
  • Press the Save Button at the top of the screen. That's it!