Paper Vs. Paperless

Assessments in Residex can be completed electronically (either in desktop Residex or RTasks), or recorded on paper initially and then entered electronically.

Electronic Assessments (Paperless)

If your organization is trying to reduce the use of paper or would like to maximize efficiency, then entering the Assessment directly into the computer or tablet would be the ideal choice. Doing Assessments electronically allows staff to perform assessments with greatest efficiency as there is no double entry involved.  Information entered electronically is then available to be pulled into several valuable reports.

Paper Based Assessments

If you do not have a portable computer,  then printing out a paper version of the Assessment may be necessary or preferred.  Entering the data on paper and then re-entering electronically requires additional time, but still allows users to easily pull information into nice reports.

Residex has several forms from which to choose when performing an assessment on paper. Each assessment type has a blank form, a worksheet form, and a summary.  Assessment reports marked "blank" show all the assessment options for each question or category, and show no options previously marked.  "Worksheets" will show if any of the questions or categories have been performed already-- and what item was chosen.   Reports "Admission Assessment Summary" or "Assessment As of  Date" are summary reports that show the fully completed assessment.

The following scenarios illustrate this: 

Pre-Admission Assessment

If you wish to perform a pre-move-in Assessment for a prospective resident,  use the "Pre-Admission Assessment (Blank)" form. This lists all of the questions from the Pre-Admission Assessment, and all possible responses.

Admission Assessment

When a prospect has been admitted to your facility, has become a Resident, and has already had a Pre-Admission Assessment conducted, you will want to conduct an Admission Assessment. In this scenario, you will want to use the "Admission Assessment Worksheet" form. This worksheet will show all of the previously entered (Pre-Admission Assessment) information, while still showing other available responses. 

Clinical Update, or Transfer / Discharge

In the event you are doing an Assessment for a Resident who has had an Admission Assessment previously, you will want to use one of the following forms, as appropriate for your scenario:

  • Clinical Update Worksheet
  • Transfer or Discharge Worksheet

Each of these forms will show all previously entered Assessment Information, while still showing the other available responses.

Finding and Printing your forms

  • To find and print the form you need, go to the Reports tab of ResiDex.
  • In the "Search:" field of the Reports tab, type the exact name of the form you need; this will filter out all of the other report and forms except for the one you need, then click on the "go" button to the left of the form.
  • alternatively, type a key word in the search field and select from the available reports
  • Select the name of the Resident you wish to generate this report for.
  • Preview or print the form as desired.