Chore Entry

When using ResiDex, you may wish to track non-resident-specific routine and regularly-scheduled chores such as cleaning, maintenance activities, emergency drills, quality management activities and the like. The best way to do this in ResiDex is to use "Chores." These are scheduled per "Provider" and will display on the Today Screen, RTasks and Daily Assignments on the specified day(s).

Enter Schedule Chores:

  • To set up Chores, go to the Provider's tab
  • Press the "Chores" button to the left of the provider you wish to assign

  1. Enter a Chore type and Provider from the items on the left
  2. Enter the Chore Description
  3. Enter the estimated minutes
  4. Select the days
  5. Enter the time or select the simplified time
  6. Enter the effective date
  7. Select "Require Note" if desired

Discontinue Chores:

If you have a "Chore" that you no long want to show up you will end that chore.  To end a chore:

  • Open the provider chore screen and find the chore
  • Enter a date on the "Last Date" field
  • The chore will NOT appear on the documentation screen on the "last day"