When entering services you will need a list of providers to select from in order to assign the service.  You can look at providers in several ways.  If you have more than one staff/provider working during a certain shift you could create individually named providers.  You may choose to name your providers:

  • Day Aide 1
  • Day Aide 2
  • Evening Aide 1
  • Evening Aide 2

You may choose to name your providers on more of a shift view and have multiple staff work off the same assignment sheet (The "combined approach")

  • Day Aides
  • Evening Aides

There are benefits to each approach.  If your staff are accustomed to communicating between each other to share responsibilities you may want to use the "combined approach".  If you are already giving specific tasks to each provider, the first approach is more similar to what they have been using.

Create/Edit Providers

  1. Go to the "Providers" Tab
  2. Click "New" OR
  3. Click on a "Provider Description" and add or edit the "Provider Description"
  4. Select a "Provider Type"
  5. Select a "Primary Community"
  6. Select a "Shift Time"
  7. Create a set of "Initials"

Note:  If your provider goes between multiple communities, you may enter the word "Float" in the provider name.  This will prevent the alert each time that you are assigning a provider that has a different "Primary community" than the one the resident lives in.

Inactivate a Provider / View ALL Providers

  1. Click on the "Active" checkbox to UN-CHECK it and make the provider inactive
  2. Click on the "ALL" button to view a list of active and inactive providers

Note: You will NOT be able to inactivate a provider that is currently assigned services.