Med Entry: Complex

Some medications have dosages that vary day-to-day. In ResiDex, we call these "Complex Medications." A few examples of complex medications would include:

  • A medication given at varying dosages on certain days and a different dose on other days
  • A medication given a certain dosages on a rotating basis (every 2, 3, 4, etc. days)
  • A medication that is given at a specified dosage schedule and also the same or different dose "as needed"

For all of these examples, the medication will be entered twice into the Resident Medication screen.

Enter a Medication Dosage Varying Certain Days:

  • Enter the medication a second time specifying the days of the week the alternate dose is given
  • When finished you will have, at least, two different lines with varying dosages and days

Enter a Medication Dose Varying on a Rotating Day Basis:

  • Enter the medication again and select the ever "X" days in the Days field

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure the Start Date is "offset".  Start one medication on one day and the other dosage the day after. If you don't offset the start dates, the medications will be scheduled to be given on the same day.  If you offset the start dates, the medication will rotate nicely every other day.

Helpful Hint: If a medication dosage is ordered such as "2 mg, 2 mg, 4 mg (repeat), that would be entered as indicated using the "Every X Days" option.  In the blank you would enter 3 for Every 3 days.  Make sure the start date of one would be the first day the medication is given, the second dose would be the next day and the third dose would be entered with the following day (third day) after the intial dose.  

Enter a Scheduled Med and the Same Med As Needed:

Enter Sliding Scale Insulin:

You may also wish to view our document on entering Sliding Scale Insulin.