Residex: Referrals

ResiDex Referrals are documents that can easily be created and sent with a resident to a scheduled appointment or emergency room visit. The Clinic Referral report can contain critical information such as:

  • Diagnoses
  • Current Medications
  • Allergies
  • Pertinent details regarding the appointment

If the campus configuration option: Create appointment reminder when referral is saved is set to "Yes" you will be prompted to add an appointment reminder service when the referral is saved.

ResiDex: Create a Referral:

From the Resident "Profile" screen click the "Options List" and select "Referrals"

  1. Press the New button (or Control + N on your keyboard)
  2. Referral Date: Enter the referral date if different than today
  3. Enter the appointment time
  4. Enter the service reminder time for the care provider
  5. Select the "Referred to" provider generated from the resident's "Health Info" screen or select "unknown provider"
  6. The associated clinic will default in or select a clinic from the list (optional)
  7. Select the Referral appointment Type
  8. Enter how the resident will be transported to the appointment (optional) and optionally the departure time
  9. Assign the provider who is responsible for preparing and/or escorting the resident to the appointment
  10. The status is by default open but will be closed or cancelled when the care provider marks the service complete/skipped in RTasks
  11. Show Meds: Leave this box checked to print the resident's medications on the referral report or uncheck so they do not print
  12. Enter the reason for the appointment or visit

NOTE: Referral appointments will display at the TOP of the provider "TO DO" list in RTasks.  The time displayed on the right is the DEPARTURE time.

After saving a Referral, depending on your ResiDex configuration, you MAY automatically be prompted to print the Referral. If so, press OK and the Referral report will be sent directly to your default printer.

If not, follow the below steps to print the Referral report at your convenience.

Printing a Referral

  • From a resident's Resident Profile screen, select "Referrals" from the option list on the bottom right of the screen
  • Select the Referral you want to print. (be sure to check / un-check the "Show Meds" box on the Referral as needed.)
  • Go to Snap at the top of the screen on the "Ribbon"
  • Select Print or Preview
  • Select your preferred Referral Report.

Keep in Mind:

  • After clicking on a referral in the list, you may find the date a referral was created by pressing F6
  • The medications on the report are the CURRENT medications as of the "Printed Date" NOT THE REFERRAL DATE
  • If you are printing a past referral (older than 2 weeks) the medication section will not print

After creating a new Referral, you can generate the Clinic Referral Report. There are several versions of this report that all are laid out in different ways, but all include:

  • Resident Allergies
  • Resident Diagnoses
  • Nurse's Signature Line
  • Current Medications (optional)
  • Reason for Referral (optional)
  • Customized area for Health Care Provider to record notes
  • Health Care Provider Details

Referrals - Video Tutorial