Reordering Meds in Desktop Residex

ResiDex offers the ability to enter and track medications to be reordered and generate a medication reorder form that can easily be faxed to the pharmacy. The medications are grouped by pharmacy and then by resident.

Add a Medication to the Med Reorder List

  • From a resident's Meds screen, right click on the medication and select "Add to Med Order List"
  • Alternatively, click on the "Order" button 

Fill in the required fields:

  • Select the prescribing physician
  • Select the pharmacy that will fill this order
  • Select the Order type (New, Change, Discontinue, Reorder).

Note: If a resident has more than one doctor or pharmacy, you will need to select the correct one when adding the med to the reorder list. If the pharmacy or doctor is not listed, cancel the process and add the information under the resident's Health Info screen.

  • Optionally enter the RX number and a note 
  • Authorized by: select your name
  • Press Add to Med Order List

Continue this process for each medication for all of your residents.

Print the Medication Reorder List

From the Snap Reports on a resident's Meds screen

  • Select Print or Preview
  • Select "Med Reorder List" on the run report option list
  • After you print or close the form, you will get a message asking if you want to mark these orders as "Printed or Faxed"
  • If "Yes" is selected - next time the Med Reorder List is generated, the currently listed meds will NOT appear.
  • If "No" is selected - next time the Med Reorder List is generated, the current listed meds & any new medications added to the list since WILL appear.

Alternatively, once all meds to be reordered have been entered, click on the red "Med Reorder" button located on the home screen and the report will print from your default printer.

Reordering Medications - Video Tutorial