ResiDex Reports are easily accessible from the Reports Tab or Snap Reports on each screen in ResiDex.

Reports Tab

ResiDex Reports are easily accessible from the Reports tab using 3 different methods of sorting.

1) Search - Type in a word or phrase in the search field and a listing of reports will appear on the screen that include that word or phrase in the report title or description. If there are more reports than what will fit on the screen, you can use the side scroll bar to view the rest of the list.

2) Category - Open the category option list by clicking on the down arrow. Click on the category of your choice and a list of reports that are part of that category will appear. The categories are divided into the various modules and functions of ResiDex.

3) Favorites - Open the favorites option list by clicking on the down arrow. Then click on the favorites folder that may include the report you are searching for. A list of reports that have been designated for that favorites folder will appear. Find out how to designate report favorites in the following link:

Snap Reports

Click on the Snap Reports down arrow to access the listing of reports relevant to that screen. To print, simply click on the desired report name and ResiDex will immediately begin printing the report in the current date range. To preview, click on the word preview, then re-open the report list and choose the report you wish to preview. If the report title has arrows preceding it, this indicates a report that has been designated as a "favorite".

Previewing reports

When you choose to preview a report, whether from the Reports tab or Snap Reports, you can adjust the size of the report on the screen by clicking anywhere on the report.

Printing reports

When printing a report from the Reports tab, you will be given various parameters to choose from, depending on the type of report. For example, when printing a med sheet, you will select the resident and the month. If you wish to preview the report first, leave the preview box checked and click on go. This will bring the report up on your screen and you can print 3 ways: 1) Click on File and print; your print menu will come up on the screen where you can choose the number of copies, etc. 2) Click on the printer icon at the top of the screen; printing will begin immediately, or 3) Right-click anywhere on the screen and choose "print" from the pop-up menu; your print menu will appear so that you can make further choices.

Troubleshooting Printing Problems

If you are having printing problems, there are several things you can check:

1) Is my printer plugged in? Does it have paper?

2) Is the default printer that is set up in my computer the right one?

3) Do I have a primary diagnosis and primary doctor entered for this resident?

4) Do I need to reboot my computer? Do I need to reboot my printer?

5) Have I tried logging out of ResiDex and clicking on ResiDex Reset?

If you are still having problems printing, please contact ResiDex support at: 1.866.512.8369.