ResiDex & RTasks Accessibility is accessible from Windows computers & tablets, Apple computers, iPads, & iPhones, Android tablets & smartphones, and ChromeBooks.

ResiDex is accessible through Windows & Apple computers. ResiDex can also be accessed via Chromebook and Apple/Android tablet devices - but this is not recommended.

Windows & Apple Computer Requirements

  • High Speed internet access is required.
  • At least 4GB of RAM is required; more than 4GB of RAM is recommended.

Apple Computers

  • MAC OS X and later are versions supported. Mac OS 9 and previous versions are not supported.
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop must be installed from the app store. 
  • Must be kept up to date with all IOS updates.

Windows Computers

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Server 2008 and later are all supported. 
  • Windows Vista is supported, but not recommended. Microsoft XP is not supported.
  • Must be kept up-to-date with all Windows updates (check for Windows Updates here.)
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 must be fully enabled

    Start Menu > Control Panel >Programs > Turn Windows Features on or off
    Press+ button right next to Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5.1.
    2 sub-options will appear under Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5.1. Make sure these are both checked, press OK.

  • Windows Vista users must make sure Microsoft .Net 3.5.1 and Windows Remote Desktop 7 are installed and enabled.

Mobile Devices (iPads & other tablet computers, Smartphones) is compatible with iPads, Android and Windows tablets, iPhones and Android Smartphones.

  • Mobile devices are required to be running an up-to-date version of their operating system (IOS, Android, Windows) to use RTasks. 
  • An internet connection is required, ideally provided via a strong WiFi signal (recommended).
  • Data Plans ARE NOT REQUIRED.
    A data plan or connection to a mobile hot spot with a data plan will works, however WiFi will offer significantly better performance at a smaller cost. 
  • If you have unreliable or incomplete WiFi coverage, RTasks Unplugged will help!

We recommend carefully vetting the devices you select, especially if you choose Android or Windows based devices. 

  • iPad & iPhone: users generally seem to report the best experience using their devices.
  • Android tablets & smartphones: Android seem to have the most frequent problems with their hardware. Because of the nature of the Android Operating System, many manufacturers produce Android tablets and quality of the hardware of these tablets is far ranging - for instance, many users of Android tablets have reported tablets running extremely slowly, having difficultly booting up at all, and faulty charging connector ports making the devices difficult to get charged.
    In general, clients who use Android Galaxy or Android Nexus brand devices have had the best experiences with the Android.
  • Windows tablets: similar with Android, there are multiple manufacturers of Windows tablets, some of ill repute. Microsoft Surface line of tablets, while more expensive than other options, are fully compatible with RTasks.

We recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browsers on your devices when accessing

High-Speed Internet

To use ResiDex Hosting or RTasks, you need to have a High Speed Internet connection. We recommend an internet connection with a download speed of at least 12 MBPS.  In general, the faster internet download speed you have, the better performance you will experience.
How to check your internet connection speed.


In general, the printer you select won't make a huge difference. 

For printing from ResiDex, we recommend against printers that aren't intended for business use, as well as  "Host-Based" printers. This basically means we recommend our users don't use very-low-cost "all-in-one" printers (for example, the HP All-In-One line of printers is specifically not recommended). These printers will end up costing you more in the long run with ink/toner and the time you have to spend to deal with their issues. 

How do I find an ideal printer?