Resetting a User's Password(s)

If a user forgets their password to log into Desktop ResiDex, a user with Staff Role 15 - can reset their password from Desktop Residex.  

RTask passwords can be reset by users themselves (if they have email user names) or by users with Role 15 either from desktop Residex or RTasks.

Reset either Desktop or RTasks Passwords from Desktop Residex

Note - If a user knows their password, but their RTasks account is locked (due to too many failed attempts) - you can unlock their account for them.

  • From the Staff Tab in ResiDex, open the Resident profile of the staff member for whom you wish to reset a password
  • To reset this user's ResiDex password, click the "Reset 1 Step Pwd" button
  • To reset this user's password, click the "Reset RTasks Password" button. 

  • Press OK to confirm.
  • If the campus has the "Default Password" setup, a confirmation will appear that displays the temporary password
  • If no default password is setup, a screen will pop up to create a temporary password
  • Communicate this information to the staff member so they can login using the temporary password

Resetting RTasks Passwords from RTasks:

If using staff emails as usernames, the employee may reset their own password by clicking on the "Forgot my Password" link on the RTask login page.

If usernames are in another format, the supervisor may reset the password from RTasks:

  • Go to that employee's Staff Profile page in RTasks
  • Click on the "Reset Password" that sits just beneath the employee picture

Enter a new temporary password (1) and Save (2).