Resident List

The Resident List on the Home tab is almost always the first thing a user sees when they log into ResiDex. This screen lists the residents of your campus and includes special color coding, search, filter and sort options.

Color Coding

The color code "key" is at the bottom of the Home tab.
  • If the Active filter is selected (selected by default), you will see a list of your current residents. Color coding will show the last resident viewed (in blue) and residents currently on Hold / Reserved (in orange).
  • If the All filter is selected, you will see all Active, Hold / Reserved and Discharged residents (in grey). 

Accessing Resident Profiles

You can access all of your Residents' Profiles from the Resident List. Each resident in your campus has their own profile where you can record / view everything from basic demographic information to medication and service plan details.

Access a Resident Profile

  • Press the "Go" button next to the resident you want to access (this button has the arrow that points at the resident name). This will open the resident's profile screen, where you can record basic information about this resident, and dive deeper into specific subsections of the profile (i.e., Contacts, Meds, Services, etc.)

Direct access to Resident Profile subsections

  • Once you get the hang of navigating through ResiDex and want to access the subsection of a Resident's profile, you can do this a little faster from the Resident List screen on the Home tab. The drop-down menu in between the Go button and the resident's name lists all of the subsections of the resident's profile, and you can jump to them directly by selecting your desired subsection.

Accessing Multiple Campuses

  • Some organizations have multiple locations accessible in their ResiDex database, and certain users in those organizations will be able to view data at multiple campuses. Additionally, each ResiDex database is loaded with a "Test" campus, which be used to practice what you have learned in training or to train other staff.

Change to a different campus (or to the Test Campus)

If you have been given access to multiple campuses, you can switch to those campuses from the "Campus Selector" at the top of the screen. 

  • Select a different campus by using the drop-down menu to the right of the campus name. You will now switch to view that campus' resident list.