Resident Notes

Resident notes can be entered in Residex detailing a wide variety of information:

  • Resident health concerns
  • Caregiver/Provider shift reports
  • Behavioral notes
  • Status changes
  • Care Conference summaries

Record a Resident Note (from a Resident Profile)

  • From a resident's Resident Profile screen, select "Notes" from the option list on the bottom right of the screen
  • Press the New button (or Control-N on your keyboard.)
  • Enter the Note Date. Optionally select a Note Type and Topic
  • Record your notes in the Note field, and then press the Save button (or Control-S on your keyboard.)

Note Type & Topic are not required, however it is useful to record. Recording a Note Type lets you view or print notes of only a certain type in the future, which can be extremely helpful if you have a large number of notes recorded.  Recording Topics similarly let you filter all of your notes by topic.

If you use the Note Type "Care Conference" you will be able to generate a "Care Conference Calendar" Report which will list all resident names and the date of their last care conference".  The date that will generate will be the last note date entered of the type "Care Conference".

Activating the + Note button on the Quick Access Toolbar

Some organizations, such as group homes, may use Resident Notes for staff to document interactions with clients. Resident Notes can work as a communication log to inform other staff of changes or issues with an individual.

Many ResiDex users find it helpful to be able to directly chart Resident Notes without opening the resident's Profile, particularly when E-Charting on the Today screen. So, we have made this option available to everyone!

Allowing Notes from the Quick Access Toolbar

  • From the Setup Tab navigate to the "Campus Configuration Screen"
  • Select the category "QAT" (stands for Quick Access Toolbar)
  • Find the option: Show '+ Notes' button and set the value to "Yes"
  • Close the screen
  • LOGOUT AND EXIT ResiDex and log back in

Record a Resident Note Using the + Note Button

  • From the QAT click the + Notes button (1)
  • Select or search for  the Resident name (2)
  • Select the note type (3)
  • Optionally edit the date/time (Restricted by configuration option: Number of days back late entry notes are allowed)
  • Optionally type in a topic (4)
  • Enter the note text (5)
  • Press Done (6)
  • Close the screen

Adding Note Types

To add a new option to the Note Type option menu seen when recording resident notes:

  • From the Setup tab, select Resident Profile
  • Select Resident Note Types from the menu on the right
  • Press the New button and navigate to the blank line
  • Add the Note type you need, then press the Save button