Resident Pictures (Photos)

ResiDex allows a user to attach pictures to each of their residents' profiles.  The picture will not only appear on the Resident Profile screen, but will also show up on many paper forms and in RTasks.  Having visibility to the resident picture will verify the correct individual is being served and assist with orienting new staff.

Before using Resident pictures, a setup process needs to be completed.  If your Photo button on the Resident Profile Screen is not activated/working  please contact us for assistance.

Intial Step:

Before you link the pictures in ResiDex, you must take and download the images.  Helpful hints to keep in mind when preparing to link pictures:

  • Edit the resolution - It will speed up the upload process to set the camera on a low resolution setting before snapping the pictures
  • Take the pictures using a portrait layout - this will prevent excess cropping when viewing in RTasks
  • Save them where you can find them. We suggest saving them directly on the C drive for easy access

Link Photos to Residents:

  • Open a Resident Profile Screen
  • Click the Photo button

  • Click the New button

  • Navigate to your local drive where the pictures are saved

  • Once you find the picture - click on it and press "Open"
  • The picture may take a few moments to upload and will depend on the picture size
  • When it is finished it will display on the screen