ResiDex FDA Med List

ResiDex has an available update for your Global Medication List. The update will add all medications from the FDA medication list to your current list of medications. If you would like this update, please contact us.

Benefits of updating the medication list:

  • This will automatically add medications to your list that are on the FDA List
  • Any medications in your database that are in use but not on the FDA List will be marked with an * 
  • This provides a visible cross checking system to verify spelling and completeness of medication names

Changes you will see:

  • Your Resident's medications MAY have an * by some of the medication names (indicating they are not on the FDA medication list)

  • When adding a new medication to the Resident medication list you will see a column that says "FDA" 

  • With the campus configuration option: Validate Meds against FDA database active, alerts will appear when a medication is not on the list

What happens if I see a medication not tagged as FDA?

When a medication is not tagged, it simply means that it is not on the FDA medication list.

  • Does it mean your medication is wrong? Not necessarily.  That is a call you need to make.
  • Does it mean you want to verify the spelling of the medication? YES
  • Does it mean you want to verify the medication name is complete? YES

Related report

When using this feature, the report "Non-FDA Medications" will list which medications are in use and are NOT on the FDA medication list and which residents are taking each medication.

The automatic update of the ResiDex medication list based on the FDA Medication List is meant to save you time and help verify the accuracy of your medication names/spelling.  Let us know if you would like more information on this feature.