Review & Submission

Incident Tracking provides the option to manage the entry, review and submission of Incidents in a work-flow. This feature also prevents most users from editing an incident after it has been entered. This configuration item, called "Allow Limited edits to incidents" is currently most relevant to California.

Turning on Limited Edits

Turing this on will allow a user with role 6 "Incidents" to enter an incident, but they will not be able to see or edit any of the incident details once it is saved. To edit, review or submit an incident you will need role 19 - Meds and Diagnoses.

To turn on limited edits

  • Go to the campus configuration screen (Setup - Security and Administration - Campus Configuration)
  • Select the Category - Client
  • Select the value "Yes" on Allow limited edits to Incidents (to role 19)

How this works:

A user with role 6 will have the ability to create and document an incident. When they save the incident, they will NOT have a "Go" button to return to the incident details to change or edit the information. When they save the incident the incident will automatically require a "Review".

Marking an Incident as Reviewed

A user with role 19 - Meds and Diagnoses can mark an incident as reviewed. To mark it reviewed:

  • Go to the resident incidents
  • Click the "Go" button to look at the incident
  • Edit information as needed
  • Click the "Reviewed" button in the top right corner
  • A message will appear asking if you want to require this incident to be "Submitted"
    • Clicking "Yes" will require the incident to require it to be "Submitted"
    • Clicking "No" will put N/A in the submission date field
    • Clicking "Cancel" will cancel the Reviewed Status

Marking an Incident as Submitted

  • Go to the resident incident screen
  • Click the GO button to look at the incident details
  • Click the "Submit" button
    • Clicking "Yes" will prepare the form and put a staff name and date in the "submitted" column
    • Clicking "No" will put N/A in the submission date field with the staff name
    • Clicking "Cancel" will leave it in the "Reviewed but not submitted" category

To Remove the Reviewed/Submitted Date

  • Go to the resident incident list
  • Click the date in the submitted column
  • Press OK to remove the submitted date
  • Follow the same process to remove the "Reviewed" date


If you use this feature, you can turn on notifications so you see who has incidents that need to be reviewed or submitted. To turn on this notification:

  • Select "Help" - Click "My Notifications"
  • Click "Options"
  • Select the category "Resident"
  • Select the following notifications and move them to the "Selected Reminders" column
    • (CA) Incidents - Not reviewed
    • (CA) Incidents - Reviewed - Not Submitted