Review & Update Assessments

 When a resident assessment has been completed but their condition or circumstances have changed, you may need to update an Assessment for that Resident. ClinDex allows the user to review or update an assessment anytime without starting an entire brand new Assessment using the "Review Assessment Details" option.

How to Update Details of an Assessment

  • Open a resident's Profile screen
  • Open the Resident Options Menu at the bottom right corner
  • Select "Review Assessment Details" from this list.  This opens up the assessment items.
  • Navigate to the Section and Category you need to update, and click on the Category; that Category's possible Evaluation Options will now appear on the right side of the screen.
  • To 'Unselect' a previously selected Evaluation Option that is now no longer appropriate, click on that Evaluation Option
  • You will be asked if you are sure you want to remove this Option from the assessment. Select "OK" to confirm it's removal.
  • After doing this, that Evaluation Option will now be no longer selected, and will show the previous date it was Selected, and the Date it was ended as an Evaluation Option.
  • Now, select the new appropriate Evaluation Option.

If the Evaluation Option you want to update has more detail associated with it, once it is selected a "Change Selection" button will become available near the bottom of the screen - select this button and change your selection as appropriate.