RTasks: Incident Overview

Entering incidents into RTasks has decided benefits:

  • User-friendly entry-- direct care staff can enter the who/what/when, etc... at the time of the incident
  • Supervisors can be alerted by text message or email to incidents occurring
  • Real time review by supervisors is possible by logging into RTasks and answering incident review questions
  • Incidents such as med errors can be linked to the responsible employee and a copy of the incident sent electronically to them for review/acknowledgement
  • Followup notes can continue to be added to the incident until it is deemed fully resolved.

Before entering incidents in RTasks, you need to review and/or update incident types and questions (Incident Setup) in Desktop ResiDex. If direct care staff are to enter the initial information regarding an incident, they must have Role 6 assigned.  If you or any of your staff would like notifications when an incident is created, be sure to follow the instructions to Setup Staff Alerts.

When all the setup is complete, you are ready to: