RTasks Med Management

If your campus uses Emars and your configurations are set up to allow RTasks Medications, you will have the ability to add or edit medications directly from RTasks.  This allows convenient access to update any medication from any device.

The "Medications" option is under the "Residents" tab in RTasks.

Edit a Med in RTasks:

  • The Current Medications by default will be displayed
  • Click on any medication

  1. Select Back to close the screen and make no changes
  2. Select Edit to edit details such as Strength, Route, Indications, Setup, Administered Info, Notes, Instructions, etc.
  3. Select Reschedule to edit the Med times, Providers or Days
  4. Select Discontinue to discontinue the med now or in the future and enter a reason

Reschedule One Medication:

  • Follow the instructions above and click "Reschedule" option 3

  1. Toggle between between specific or simplified time if needed
  2. Edit or select the time
  3. Select the provider.  NOTE: If a resident is on meds at the same time the provider will only display the previous used provider for that med time
  4. Enter the END date and time for the current schedule
  5. Enter the START date and time for the new schedule
  6. Optionally enter an end date and time for the new schedule
  7. Edit the days the medication will be given if needed
  8. Press Confirm to save the changes or cancel to close without saving the changes

Reschedule/Reassign all Medications for a Certain Time:

  • From the Resident Medication option - click the Schedule option
  • To update the time on a med and/or the provider for all medications at that time - click the Reschedule option

  • if a med is changed to a time already in use (example 7:00 AM), it will update the provider previously selected

  • When finished press Save to complete your changes