RTasks: Messaging

The ResiDex (Hosted) Snap Messages feature is a great tool for improving communication between staff.  RTasks offers snap messaging capabilities as well.  The two systems are completely synced; messages composed and reviewed in desktop Residex appear in RTasks and vice versa.

Send a New Message:

Users are able to message all other users at their campus as well as some staff who are not listed in their specific campus (such as supervisors) who have access to the database. 

  • Log into RTasks and click + More and select New Message

  • You may opt to select a group of recipients based upon their provider type;  those staff will automatically be selected. 
  • You can manually select or de-select staff by clicking the check box next to each person's name

  • Scroll down (if applicable) and enter the message Subject 
  • Type the Message 
    • Press Send 

Using "Rich Text" Formatting

If you wish to use "Rich Text" formatting such as bold, underline, bullet points, etc., you can use the "editing tool" above the message box.  Below are samples of your options.

Reading Messages:

  • Log into RTasks and open the "Today" screen and then +More 
  • Click on the Inbox
  • Snap Messages may be viewed.  RTask users have the ability to send snap messages from services, from vital sign entry screens, when entering a resident note, as well as from the "New Message" button described above.  Messages received via any of these means will appear in the user's Inbox.

  • You can view the message in list view and click the button to mark as reviewed

  • OR, you can click on the message to open up details.  This will automatically mark the message as having been reviewed.

Deleting Snap Messages


Facilities may opt to auto-delete snap messages (have messages deleted after a specified interval of time).  Contact Residex Support staff if you would like to set up this option.

Staff with the Supervisor Role (Role 13) are able to manually delete messages or groups of messages from desktop Residex.