RTasks: Reading Messages

RTasks will allow a staff member to read and reply to messages they have received.  They will have an alert upon login of new messages.  If they would like to pause the alert, they can use the "snooze" option.  This will turn off the alert temporarily.

Message Alert:

  • Log into RTasks
  • If you have new messages an alert with appear on the lower right of your screen

  1. Click on the messages button to display the messages
  2. Click on the Snooze button to hide the "alert" for a few minutes

  1. Press the "mark message as read" button to simply mark it read
  2. Click anywhere on the message to see more details about the message

  • Click Reply to simply reply to the sender of the message
  • Click Reply to all to reply to the sender and all others who received the message (the names are displayed under the sender name)