RTasks: Referrals

Referrals are forms that can be sent along with an individual for a scheduled appointment or unplanned trip to the hospital.  You can customize your Referral Types and text that appears on the form. For instructions on this, please view our document on Referral Types and Formatting Options document. 

To create and view referrals in RTasks, a staff person will need ResiDex user role "1 - ResiDex Data Entry".

RTasks: Create a Referral:

  • Log into RTasks and click on Clinical
  • Select the option Referrals

  • Select Create New Referral

  • Select the Resident (1)
  • Edit the Date if needed (2)
  • Select the Referral Type if different than the default (3)
  • Select a Provider (generated for the Resident's information on the Health Info Screen) or select "Unknown Provider" (4)
  • Enter the Reason and notes for the referral (5)

  • When finished press the Submit button

  • After you submit the referral, you can click the View Referral button (this will allow you to print) OR begin adding another referral by filling in the fields again

View Created Referrals Without Creating a New Referral:

  • In RTasks, click on Clinical and select Referrals
  • Select View created referrals

  • Select the Resident Name from the option list
  • A list of past referrals will appear. Click on one of the line items to view the report

  • The report will open in a new web page. You can RIGHT click on the report and select "Print" to print the Referral.

Sample Referral:

NOTE: When viewing/printing the Clinic Referral, the medications AS OF THE PRINTED DATE will display.