RTasks Report Customization

Using Desktop ResiDex, users can customize reports and make those reports available as a report in RTasks.  To perform the following steps, a user must have ResiDex Staff Role 11 - Manager or 13 - Supervisor.

Identifying Reports Available for RTasks

When in desktop Residex's Reports tab, users may note that desktop Residex reports that have comparable reports available in RTasks are flagged with 'RTasks' to the far right of the report name.

  • Reports that have not yet been enabled (and so are available to be added) are flagged as "RTasks" in standard font (1)
  • Reports that have already been enabled (and so are currently available in RTasks) are shown in bold, italicized font  (2)

Clicking on the flag itself will inform the user of its status.

Enable/Disable a Report:

  • From Desktop ResiDex - go to the Setup Tab
  • Search for RTasks and select "RTasks Reports"
  • This will open the RTasks Reports Screen

  1. Select a category
  2. Click on a Report and as applicable select Enable or Disable (only the applicable button will be available)
  3. Currently enabled reports will display the Provider Types with access to the selected reports

  • NOTE: When enabling a report for the first time, hold the ctrl key down on your keyboard and select any provider that needs access to the report

Edit Provider Access:

  • REMOVE Provider Access by clicking on the enabled report and un-selecting the box beside the provider type

  • ADD Provider Access by clicking on the "+" button, selecting the Provider(s) and pressing "OK"

Edit the Report Name and/or Description:

  • Select an enabled report
  • Click on the "Display Name" or "Report Description" - this will display a field that you can overtype/edit

RTasks - Print:

  • Log into RTasks and select Fax/Print
  • Select "Reports"
  • Select a Category - This will correspond to the categories on the RTasks Reports screen
  • Select a Report Name - This will also display the customized name if applicable
  • The Report Description will also display
  • Select any other criteria and click "Create Report"

Change Report Sort Order:

Some reports will allow you to change the sort order the data is displayed.  If the report has that option:

  • Select the report and click on the Sort field
  • A pop up will appear - Use the drop down to select the detail to sort first
  • Select ascending or descending for each time
  • When finished - press OK