RTasks: Residents Contacts

The RTasks Resident option allows a user with ResiDex user role "1 - ResiDex Data Entry" to add or edit contacts for a resident.  With this role, a user can:

  • Add a new contact
  • Edit contact information
  • Change the sort order of the contacts, identifying one as "primary"

Access the RTasks Resident Contacts

  • Log into RTasks and select the Residents option (your option may be renamed Residents, clients or the term in use at your campus)

  1. Select which resident "list" you would like to view (Current residents, All residents, or Former residents)
  2. Select the Community you would like to view (optional)
  3. Search for a resident (optional)
  4. Click on a resident to view/edit information

Edit Contact information:

  • Click on one of the resident pictures to open the Resident Profile

  • Select the Contacts option

  1. Add a new contact by clicking this option
  2. Change the sort by using this option
  3. Edit any contact by clicking on the contact name

Add a New Contact:

  • Click the Add New Contact  (button 1 in the screen shot above) and enter data as indicated.

  • Note: for the relationship field, start typing and select an item from the list
  • When finished, press Save

Using a Previously Entered Contact

  • As you start typing in the name field - options will appear
  • To use one of these contacts simply click on the name and all the information will be added
  • Simply add the relationship and select any applicable check boxes and press Save

Change the Sort Order:

  • Click the Change Sort option
  • The contacts will be displayed
  • Click on one and drag it up or down
  • When finished click Done with sorting
  • the top entry is identified as "primary"

Edit or Delete a Contact

  • Click on any contact to see the details
  • Click Remove (and then confirm on the screen that pops up) to delete the Contact for that resident
  • Click Edit detail to modify the contact information

  • When you edit details, you will see residents who share the same contact
  • The information such as name, address, phone, do no mail, etc (above the line) is shared and will be updated for every resident who has that contact