RTasks: Review Care Plan

The Care Plan or Master Care Plan report in Residex can provide a comprehensive view of the plan of care for a resident, based upon items selected in the nursing assessment. Each facility can setup the Master Care Plan to meet their own needs and requirements.  Each time a clinical assessment is marked complete, the Master Care Plan will be generated and can electronically be sent to staff in RTasks, prompting them to review and "electronically acknowledge"  the care plan.

Turn on RTasks Care Plan Review

  • From Desktop ResiDex, go to the Setup Tab
  • Open the Campus Configuration Screen
  • Find the option: Share Master Care plan with all staff and set the value to Yes

Optional Configuration Option:

If you wish to have the care plans only visible to staff working in a specific community you can turn on another campus configuration option. 

Auto Prompt to Review the Care Plan:

  • Click to open the item and the "Master Care Plan" will be visible
  • Read through the information and scroll to the bottom.  Note that anything "new" or "updated" is flagged;  Resident vulnerabilities are flagged as well.
  • Click the "I acknowledge I have reviewed the Plan of Care..." box and then click on "Acknowledge"

 Enhanced Visibility:

  • Staff will be able to access the most current care plan for a resident simply by clicking on a service for that resident and then clicking the "View Care Plan" button
  • It may also be viewed as an RTask report entitled Master Care Plan under the RTask Fax/Print button.


Tracking Care Plan Reviews

The Care Plan reviews performed by staff can be tracked in desktop Residex either by resident OR by staff member.