Service Entry: Basic

Services are those assigned tasks that caregivers perform for residents. In ResiDex, services are scheduled for a specified time and provider. We have several ways to enter services.

Enter One Service:

(Click here to jump straight to the video tutorial)

  • From the Resident List on the Home tab, open a resident's profile.
  • Click the Services button at the bottom of the Resident Profile screen

  1. Click "New" at the top of the screen
  2. Select the service from the drop down option list
  3. Enter the start / effective date of the service
  4. Enter the time of day the service will be provided using standard or simplified time
  5. Enter / Edit the "estimated minutes" it will take to perform this service for the resident
  6. Select the "Days" the service will be performed by clicking in the field
  7. Select the Provider - if your Provider is not listed - The service time is likely outside of the Provider Shift Time
  8. Add / Edit the Task Details to customize them for the Resident

Adding a Service NOT in the Option List:

If you need to add a new service to your service drop down option list (1), you can do that from the Global Job Service List.

Service End Date:

The service end date will remain blank unless you:

  • Use the "discontinue and restart" button to restart the service
  • Manually enter a date the service will be discontinued

Add Resident Specific Task Details:

You can add task details (8) to specify instructions for performing the service, add resident preferences, etc...   Details can be added manually or by using "snippets".

You have now finished entering a service!  Repeat this process as many times as necessary to complete the service plan.

Entering a Service - Video Tutorial