Copy with Time Set

Safety checks, toileting, and resident repositioning are all examples of services that often need to be scheduled every "X" hours.  We have developed a way to easily add these services for a resident.

When adding the services that repeat all night and all day - you would first schedule the service for the earliest time AFTER midnight.  

Service Entry - Copy with Time Set:

  • Enter the service using basic service entry - if the service repeats overnight, enter the time as 12 AM
  • Select the service and press the Copy button

  • A new window will appear

  1. Select "Create Time Set" - The start time will default in
  2. Enter the number of hours to repeat the service
  3. Enter the time of day the repeat will stop
  4. Press "OK"

  • The services are now entered with times but assigned to the "Default Provider"
  • You may use the "Mass Move" to assign the services to the correct provider