Service Entry: Sets

Service entry using "Service Sets" is a way to add a group of pre-selected services to a resident all at one time.  Unlike the Service Entry - Mass Add option, the services that are added will be:

  • Assigned to the same provider
  • Scheduled for the same time
  • Scheduled for the same day(s)

While it is not as flexible as the Mass Entry, it is very helpful when scheduling, for instance, a group of vital sign services. Before using the Service Set option, you may wish to setup or review the setup for your service sets.

Enter Services Using Service Sets:

  • From the Resident Service Screen
  • Click the "Service Set" button (1)
  • Enter the effective date that the services will begin (2)
  • Select one of the service set options (3)

  • Once you select the service set - you will have scheduling options

Service Set Type - 1 x / Month:

  • If the service set is setup as a 1x/Month option you will have specific scheduling items to select 

  • Select a Time and Provider
  • Press OK

  • When you press OK, you will see the group of services are scheduled for the same time, assigned to the same provider and scheduled for the same day

Service Set Type - Basic:

  • When you select the days you will have specific options to select

  • Finish by selecting the time and provider as above and pressing OK
  • All of the services will be scheduled

NOTE: If you would like to add a "1x/month" service set for multiple times per month (such as the 1st Monday and 3rd Monday) you can repeat the entry process twice as you select the correct "Days" option.

If you would like to schedule a "Basic" type service set for multiple times per week (such as Monday and Friday), you can repeate the entry process as many times as needed as you select the correct "Days" option.