Service Recap Snippets

When documenting services in RTasks, staff may wish to enter notes associated with a service.  Note fields allow users to "free type" a note, or snippets can be created in desktop Residex that allow users to simply select the snippet of text that applies.  Snippets are reusable pieces of text that can be used to streamline data entry.

Create General Service Recap Snippets:

This allows you to create service recap snippets that can be used with any service

  • From Desktop ResiDex - Click on the Setup Tab
  • Search for: Snippet
  • Select the option on the right: Snippets (With Titles)

  1. Select the Snippet Type: Service Recap
  2. "Available on" should say "All"
  3. Enter a Title: This can specify the status when using the note
  4. Enter the Snippet Text

Service-Specific Snippets:

You may wish to have snippets related to a specific service. These could prompt staff to enter specific information during documentation. Service specific snippets are created on the same screen as mentioned above.

  • From the Snippets (With Titles) screen - Select the Snippet Type: Service Recap
  • Select the Specific Service
  • Enter the Title and Snippet Text

How to Use Service Recap Snippets:

  • Log into RTasks
  • Select a Service
  • Click on the Snippets link and view the list of snippets
  • Click on an item for the text to be entered in the "note" field

  • When a service is selected that has "Service Specific Snippets", the list will display the service-specific snippets as well as those available on "all" services