Campus Assessment Overview

ResiDex has a configuration option to specify the "Next Assessment Due" date upon the completion of an assessment.  This feature allows the user to receive notifications when assessments are coming due.  If this due date needs to be edited for any reason (or if you turn this configuration option on after you have already completed some assessments), the Campus Assessments Overview screen allows the user to review and/or edit the "next assessment due date" for any of their residents.

Turn on: Require Next Assessment Due Option:

If you would like to turn on the option to require a next assessment due date, that can be done from the Campus Configuration Screen.

Enter/Edit the Next Due Date for an Assessment

  • From the Setup tab - click on "Assessments" in the Select Category box.
  • Choose "Campus Assessments Overview" from the Select Option box.
  • Locate the resident's name on the list and click in the area under "Next Assess Due" field (1)
  • Enter a date or select an option to automatically fill in the correct date (2)
  • If you want to erase the next assessment due date, select "No Date (No assessment scheduled)" (3)
  • When finished press "OK"

Available Notifications:

  • From the Notification screen - Select the category "Clinical"
  • Select the notification "Assessment Reminders" and move it over to they "My Selected Notifications" by pressing the "." button