Setup RTasks Access

RTasks access is granted on a user-by-user basis, and can be configured to work in one of two ways for your organization:

Email-Based Login

If your users all have email addresses, these email addresses can be setup as usernames for your users in RTasks. This is our recommended approach as it gives your users the option to reset their own passwords should those passwords be forgotten, as well as gives your users the option to use 2-Step Authentication(an additional security feature) when they login. 

Staff email addresses will only be used by Residex for the following purposes:

  • Sending Alerts when enabled (Alerts will include general updates on a variety of subjects specific to each user, and will never include Protected Health Information).
  • May be used to send communications from the ResiDex Support team.

"Username" Based Login

If you prefer your users not be required to have an email address to log into RTasks, we can set up your database to handle logging into RTasks with a normal username instead of an email address. The only requirement for this approach is that each username will have to be unique amongst ALL RTasks users including users who are not part of your organization.

Step 1. Enter the user as a Staff member

Before a user can be granted access to RTasks, they need to be entered in Residex as a staff member.

Step 2. Enable Access to RTasks- from either desktop Residex or RTasks

From Desktop Residex:

Open this user's Staff Profile on the Staff tab.

  1. Open the Staff Profile screen and click the Rtasks Access button
  2. You will press the save button at the top of the screen and a pop up will appear - press "OK"


From Rtasks:

Go to the 'Security' option from the RTasks staff profile screen:

Details of staff security settings can be viewed.  Click on "Login and Access" (1)

Continue with the following options:

Provide access to RTasks with a given user name (or restrict access from RTasks) (2)

Step 3. First Time Login

The last step is up to your user!

  • Email-based users will be automatically sent an email with instructions on how to login.

Username-based users:

  • Using a web browser, go to
  • Enter the username and initial password (both specified during their account creation)
  • If asked, users should NOT allow the browser to save their username/password 
  • User will then need to reset their RTasks password before finishing the login process.