Specify Resident Billing Option

ResiDex allows for two different billing options.

  • Care Package
  • Fee for Service

Specify Resident Billing Option:

  • The billing option is changed under the “Resident > Billing” tab in RTasks

Care Package

  • Each service is marked if it is included in the care package
  • Services can be marked as "included in package" or "Billed per service" based on the service charge type

Fee for Service

  • Every service is billed based on the charge type for that service

 Charge Types:

  • Each service has a charge type
  • Charge types are used for all “Fee For Service” billing
  • They are also used for items marked “Billed per service”
  • There are four charge types
    • Variable - billed at a provider rate x unit of time
    • Fixed - billed at a set rate per instance
    • Fixed count - billed at a set rate per “count” entered
    • Free - never charged / complimentary service or ALWAYS included in package