Bulletin to Staff

Residex's Staff Bulletin feature allows users to enter a concise message (140 characters) containing need-to-know information for a particular resident and have that appear as a banner when in the resident's electronic record.  

Suggested uses might include:

  • NPO (nothing by mouth) status of a resident prior to labs or tests
  • Remind of specimen collection needs
  • Notice of resident birthdays, anniversaries, etc...
  • Other needs identified by you or your staff

First, turn the configuration on by going to the Setup tab, select "Campus" on the left and "Campus Configurations" on the right.  Select your campus from the drop down menu and search for "bulletin".  Set the option "Show Bulletins to Staff" to "yes".


Bulletins will be displayed in RTasks on the Resident Profile and on any service for the resident.

Bulletins will be displayed on the top of each Resident Profile in Desktop ResiDex:


Enter a Staff Bulletin from RTasks

  • Log into RTasks and navigate to any service for the selected resident.
  • Click on the "Add bulletin" button that appears to the left of the resident photo

  • Enter the expiration date and time
  • Enter the bulletin and press OK

Enter a Staff Bulletin from Desktop ResiDex

  • In Desktop ResiDex - open a Resident Profile Screen
  • Click the Staff Bulletin button

  • Enter the information desired and a date you wish the bulletin to expire.