RTasks Staff Supervision

Staff Supervision in RTasks is a feature that permits the nurse to document and track direct supervision of unlicensed staff performing a delegated skill or service, a state requirement in many settings.  Even if not required, some providers may consider it a best practice to document supervision of unlicensed staff.  Once a staff supervision has been marked complete, users will be prompted for the next due date;  once entered, nurses can receive a notification or reminder to perform the next scheduled supervision.


Turning on Staff Supervisions in RTasks

To enable the Staff Supervision in RTasks feature, contact Residex Support staff at 866-512-8369 to turn on the configuration "Staff Supervision - Yes/No option".  This action does two things:

  1. Converts existing Staff Supervisions (as done in Desktop Residex) from a tool using a Rating Scale of 1-5 to a simple Yes/No format.  Scores of 1or 2 will be converted to a "No" (did not meet expectations) and scores of 3-5 will be scored as a "Yes" (meets expectations).
  2. This also will make the Staff Supervision icon visible in the RTasks staff profile screen.

Provider Types Requiring Supervision

To identify which provider types you wish to supervise, go to the ResiDex (Hosted) Setup Tab:

  • Select "Providers (Roles)"on the left
  • Select "Provider Types" on the right
  • From this screen, put a check in the boxes of the provider types for whom you wish to track supervision 

Document a Staff Supervision:

  • From the RTasks - click the People option and select Staff
  • Select a staff member
  • Select the option Staff Supervision

  • A screen will appear showing a history of supervision and if any are due - click Document Supervision to begin a new staff supervision

  • When the staff supervision is finished, the screen will display a summary and the next scheduled date

Sample Notification Report:

If you Enable the RTasks Report:  Staff Supervisions - 14 days you can run this report from the RTasks Fax/Print - Reports option

 Editing Next Supervision Due Dates:

Dates of next supervisions due for the entire campus can be viewed and edited:

  • Go to the ResiDex (Hosted) Setup Tab
  • Select Staff Management on the left, and
  • Select Staff Supervision Overview on the right
  • The column labeled "Next Supervision Due" can be edited to the desired date.