Supp. Package Setup

When setting up rates for billing or agreements you may need to add "Supplemental Packages". Supplemental packages are fees that are billed using a daily or monthly rate for charges that could be in addition to fee for service or care package charges.  

Access the Supplemental Package Setup Screen:

  1. Start at the Billing Tab
  2. Click on Rates - Supplemental Packages

Create/Edit Supplemental Packages:

  • Add/Edit the Supplemental Package name (A)
  • Enter the rate (B)
  • Select the "Rate Period" from the option list (Daily/Monthly) (C)

Additional Setup Required for Billing:

  1. Mark the Pre-bill button if needed.  If you are in the current period of a month (example January) and the charge for this would cover the following month (example February) put a check in the box
  2. Mark the "Service Revenue" button if this is a charge that would be indicated as service revenue vs. rent revenue
  3. Enter the "G/L codes 1 & 2" if your facility uses General Ledger codes for accounting purposes

Additional Setup Required for Agreements:

The following items will apply to items you will find when setting up and using your "Resident Agreement".

  1. Click the "Show" to include the supplemental package on the agreement and un-check to suppress
  2. Mark the supplemental package as being related to an "essential" service and display with the component "Supplemental Package - WIth Essential"
  3. Add the friendly description to display on the Resident Agreement