Suppressing Reports

Desktop ResiDex has hundreds of available reports.  You can organize these reports in Favorite Report Folders. If you wish, you may hide or suppress reports that you know you will not need.

Suppress a Report:

  • From the report tab click on a report
  • RIGHT click on the red arrow to the left of the report
  • Click on "Suppress this report"

Searching Suppressed Reports:

If you have the ResiDex staff role 13 - Supervisor, you will have a button beside the "Search" field on the Reports tab.  This button will allow you to search all reports. When clicked it will display all reports including suppressed/hidden reports.

Unsuppress a Report:

If you view a report that was "suppressed" and decide you want to use that report, you can click on the yellow bar on the right side of the screen (shown above) to "un-suppress" that report.