Values out of Min / Max Range

Vital signs and blood glucose values may have an acceptable range within which values should fall.  Those that fall below the minimum and/or above the maximum value require staff to take action. ResiDex allows a user with role 18 - Global Job Service list to set the default min/max value that will default in when the service is added for any resident. Once the service is added for the resident, users may customize the min/max value for each resident.

Because min/max values for weight have such a wide range, only the resident-specific values can be entered.

Specify the Min / Max Value for Vital  Signs:

  • From Desktop ResiDex Global Job Service List - select the vital sign service
  • For Blood Glucose, temp, pulse, respiration,  you will have one set of min/max alert values  Both values must be entered for this to work effectively.

  • For Blood Pressure you will have a min/max for systolic and min/max value for diastolic

Custom Alert Ranges for Residents:

  • Add the Vital Sign service for a resident and edit the values as needed

Updating Values for ALL Residents (This will over-write custom values)

  • Select the Vital Sign service (does not apply to weight service)
  • Update the value in the min/max field
  • Click Apply Value

How it Works:

  • Staff will document the Vital services
  • Staff will receive a popup alert, advising them that they should notify the nurse as per facility policy
  • If a value falls lower than the minimum value or above a maximum value, an alert can be sent, or it can appear in the login report
  • Alerts can be seen for a three hour time frame using the alert "Vitals out of range last 3 hours"
  • Any out of range vitals can also be seen using the RTask report "Vitals out of Range"

Alternative Means of Tracking Weight Changes

In addition or instead of the method described above, users may choose to be alerted through Login Report or Alerts when any weights vary + or - 3 or 4 pounds.  The Alert or Login Report Option/s "Weight Alert +/-3lb Variance" or "Weight Alert +/- 4lb Variance" would be selected.

  • Residex will simply compare the last two weights taken for any resident and compare
  • If the difference between the two weights is less than 3 pounds, no login report entry appears and/or no alert is issued.
  • If the difference exceeds 3 pounds, they are listed on the login report and/or alert
  • To remove them from the list, users would need to reweigh and enter a new weight that is within 3# of the last weight.

Alerts and Login Report: