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Staff Certifications

Staff certifications and alerts allow you to track due dates for items such as clinical license, driver's license, auto insurance, CPR certification, etc.  The list of available certifications are customizable for each database.

In-Service and Training Documentation

How to document and track In-Service and skill training for your staff

Staff Attendance

Track staff absences and tardies.

Staff Meeting Documentation

Whether your meetings are all-staff meetings, departmental, or quality management meetings, Residex offers users an easy way to document and share information with team members:

  • Document agendas and full staff meeting minutes
  • Track meeting attendance
  • Share information with team members through Snap Messages
  • Maintain electronic records of all meetings held

Delete Saved Passwords

RTasks.net is a website application, which means it is accessed through a Web Browser.  The web browser you use (Google, Firefox, etc...)  may offer to "Save your password?" as the user is logging in.  If you press "Yes", any user can log into RTasks under your credentials. It is very important that you do not  save your RTasks password on a device that other people are using.

If you save your credentials, this document outlines how to delete saved passwords (from all websites) Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Fire Fox browsers.

Review Roles for All users

Managing staff roles in ResiDex is very important. As you grow and implement you may wish to reduce roles for several people to "tighten down" security. You can remove roles from a staff member one individual at a time OR you can use the Security Overview Screen.

This screen will also highlight roles that we recommend giving to a few key people due to the  impact they can have on the database.  These are highlighted as "Sensitive Roles".

Transfer Staff

ResiDex will allow you to manage your staff access.  Your database may contain different "Campuses". A Campus may be viewed as the Facility's main location, an apartment, or group home.  If your facility has multiple locations, you may have multiple "Campuses"  setup in your single database. ResiDex will allow you to assign a staff member to a campus that they would then access. 

There is another feature that we will outline.  If your facility has staff supervisors, you may wish to not only assign an employee to a campus but also a "community" within your campus.  A community may also be viewed as a floor or wing such as first floor, second floor, assisted living, memory care, etc. Having this feature activated is required to use notifications such as "MY Staff Supervision Notifications"

HIPAA & Staff Accounts

An important part of being HIPAA compliant is up to users. It is essential that ResiDex users do not share their login usernames. The ResiDex username/password locking system is a very important part of being HIPAA compliant and keeping private medical information secure.

Desktop ResiDex Passwords

When users log in to Desktop ResiDex they will be required to enter a password.  The first time they log in the password is by default "password" . After entering the default password, they will be prompted to create a new password.  There are times when the ResiDex password may need to be reset.  You may wish to reset a password due to the user forgetting their password or for security reasons anytime.

ResiDex Staff Alert Setup

ResiDex allows users to set up alerts via text message or email, notifying them of important information such as incidents entered that are awaiting review, unread snap messages, missed medications, and others.

Staff Address Confidentiality

Limit access to staff addresses to only users with the "Campus Supervisor" Role. This assists with keeping staff information confidential while still allowing supervisors to have visibility to it.

Staff Email and Text

Before staff begin setting up their alerts, it is recommended that all email addresses and SMS (text/phone) numbers be entered in the Staff Profile Screen.

Staff Supervision Overview

When completing a staff supervision, a user is prompted for the date of the next due.  Once these are entered, they are accessed from the "Staff Supervision Overview" screen.

Staff Title

In ResiDex a staff member is assigned to a Provider Type and (optionally) a Staff Title.  While the Provider Type is usually limited because it simply creates a "Hierarchy", the Staff Title is a "free text" field.

Both Provider Type and Staff Title will display on the report Staff List - Incl Provider Type.