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Care Plan Review

The Care Plan or Master Care Plan report in RTasks can provide a comprehensive view of the plan of care for a resident, based upon items selected in the nursing assessment. Each facility can setup the Master Care Plan to meet their own needs and requirements.  Each time a clinical assessment is marked complete, the Master Care Plan will be generated and can electronically be sent to staff in RTasks, prompting them to review and "electronically acknowledge"  the care plan.

NOTE: The "Review Care Plan"/ Latest Care Plan visible is populated each time an assessment is MARKED COMPLETE.  Updated information is NOT pushed out or visible when changes are made using "Review assessment details".

Enter an Assessment

  • Users with Role 32 are able to to document clinical Assessments.
  • Access to conduct ONLY "Non-clinical assessments" (leisure, dietary, and Bio/History) can optionally be granted to non-nursing staff.

Agreement: Assessment of Fall Risk

The Resident Agreement/Service plan contains a component "Assessment of Fall Risk".  We will explain where each of these yes/no questions gather their information.

As you "customize your agreement", you may decide to use the component "Assessment of Fall Risk".  It is helpful to know where the source is for each of these items to make sure the response displays as expected.

To accurately use this component you must use both "CliniDex" (assessments) and "Incident tracking".  Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for assistance with your training and implementation of these features.

Setup Assessment Types

ResiDex allows users to determine both the types of Assessments being performed as well as customizing the names of these Assessments.  The facility's preferred name (rather than our defaults) will appear on reports such as Assessment Summaries, Worksheets, Forms and Reports. More information on Assessment Types may be found here.

Assessment Service Links

In the process of completing an assessment, the individual's care and services needs are identified.  Our "Assessment - Service Link" option will allow you to identify and add services to the resident's plan of care while you are performing the assessment.  The process allows you to:

  • Link one or more services to any assessment evaluation option
  • Select the service(s) you wish to schedule for the individual
  • Enter specific information about the service (Days, time, provider, task details, etc.)


Assessment-Service Consistency

ResiDex can be configured so changes to a resident service plan will not be allowed until a corresponding assessment item has been updated for that resident.  This has the effect of ensuring your residents' service plans are always consistent with their assessments.

Assessment: Subset Setup

Assessment Subsets are mini-assessments that can be viewed and entered within a larger assessment.  Each campus within a database can create their own assessment subsets.

Assessment of Vulnerability

Assessments are done, in part,  to identify and document a resident's current needs and abilities. It is in identifying resident needs that we are also identifying their vulnerabilities. Assessments performed in Residex allow a number of different types of reports to be generated once assessment items have been answered.  In addition to reports such as Assessment Summaries, the Individual Abuse Prevention Plan is a document that is also created;  it displays those areas identified in the assessment as being needs or vulnerabilities.  Users can control what items pull into the Abuse Prevention Plan AND can quickly update a resident's Individual Abuse Prevention Plan using the subset feature:

Assessment Question Setup

Assessments are made up of topics, categories (questions) and evaluation options (possible answers). Your database will come with a list of questions that you can select to appear on each assessment type.  We will break down the assessment setup for you.  If the questions that are there do not meet your needs, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to assist in customizing the assessment questions with you.

Assessment Signatures

Assessment summary reports have customizable signature lines.  These are set up per database.  Setting up signatures is very easy using the following simple steps.

Electronic Signatures

ResiDex has an optional configuration setting to turn on electronic signatures (e-signatures). The purpose of turning this on is to automatically display staff names at the bottom of certain forms. 

Electronic Signatures

Electronic signatures automatically display staff names at the bottom of certain forms.

Populate Care Plan for New Staff

Requiring staff to Review the Master Care Plan helps in meeting requirements that staff have been oriented to the plan of care and keeps staff up-to-date on the current needs of each resident. When new staff are hired you, you may wish to have staff review care plans as part of their orientation.  

Populating the latest care plans for new staff persons can be done from the Staff Profile in RTasks. 

Resident Bio/History

The Bio/History assessment offers users an opportunity to enter resident biographical data and personal preferences and share that with caregivers.  Information in the Bio/History assessment is entered in a similar fashion to other Residex assessments.  Once a bio/history assessment is marked complete, it can be either printed out and provided to staff, or sent electronically via RTasks to caregivers to review/acknowledge, and reference as needed to provide high quality, individualized care.  Bio/History is an assessment type that can be delegated to RTask users who do not have clinical roles assigned.