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Missing Service Recap

Before starting the billing process for Fee for Service billing or Care Package billing that would have "incremental" (not included in package) services, the "Missing Service Recap" report must be viewed.  If services have not been charted they will not be included in the billing for the "current period".

Before creating invoice lines, make sure these reports "Return no data" which means there are no items that have not been documented.

Resident Supplemental Packages

A Supplemental Package is a service or set of services that can be setup and billed to selected residents, typically at a daily or monthly rate.  Supplemental packages can be applied whether the resident is on the billing option Care Package or Fee-for-Service.  Examples might include:

  • Cable or telephone fees
  • Escort package fees
  • Med management fees
  • Garage rental

A resident can have one or more supplemental packages. These are selected for each resident by navigating to the Resident Profile > Billing option in RTasks.

Billing Options

Before you begin billing you will need to determine what type of billing you have. Each resident has their own "billing option".  In ResiDex we allow Care Package or Fee for Service billing.  You may have all Residents on the same billing option or you may have a combination.

Resident Payer Setup

Each resident by default is considered “Private pay” when they are entered.  If you have residents who are on a waiver program or have contracted amounts those need to be entered for each resident. While Rent, Packages, and Supplemental packages are set up the same for private pay and waiver residents, the payer section ONLY needs “setup” for non private pay residents with contract amounts.

Adjustments Overview

When you are using ResiDex to record payments there are times when a payment does not match the invoice exactly.  There may be times when refunds or adjustments need to be made.  We will outline a few scenarios and suggestions on handling theses cases.

Create Invoice Lines

Create Invoice Lines

The "key" step to kick off the billing process is to "Create Invoice Lines". This is accessed from the Billing tab and is the next item in the billing "flow chart". When you click on this button, ResiDex will automatically create charge line items. It will look at the Fee and Payer screen and the Recap/Today Screen and consolidate all the charges onto the charge screen with any manual charges that have been entered. This process is populating the invoice fields and may take a few minutes to complete.

Resident Rate Schedule

After the rate schedule is setup you can now select it for the appropriate resident(s). To save time, you can specify a "default" rate schedule for each campus so any new resident will automatically be on the correct rates.

Editing Charges

If you create invoice lines and notice changes that need to be made, you can make those changes directly to the charge screen. This can be done AFTER creating invoice lines but BEFORE posting.  Once the posting process is complete, the charge screen is locked and cannot be edited.

Include In Package

"Include in Package" is the option used for residents with the "Care Package" billing option. When this option is selected and an individual is on a package, the service will automatically default as included in the package. This is the DEFAULT option, but services can be turned on or off as included in the package for each resident in the resident's service plan.

Posting Charges

Once you have reviewed trial invoices and made any necessary corrections, you will need to post charges to the resident accounts and then print invoices. When you post charges, the charge screen will be locked and display the invoice number.  If you have licensed and use the accounts receivable module,  the system will calculate statement balances for each resident, giving you not only the list of charges, but a total of what is owed by the resident including past due balances and payments.

Billing Invoice Note

You may wish to add a note to ALL invoices or statements generated from ResiDex.  You may wish to add contact information, late payment policies or a note of important information. If you are part of a multiple campus database, each campus can have their own invoice/statement note. 

Printing Invoices or Statements

After the posting process is complete, you are ready to print invoices/statements.  The difference between an invoice and a statement:

  • An invoice will display the current month's charges only
  • A statement will display the current month's charges as well as a "new account balance"
  • A statement will display payments and adjustments made within the current period but an invoice will not
  • Statements are only available if you license the ResiDex Accounts Receivable (A/R) module

Sample Invoice:


Sample Statement:

Rate Schedule Setup

When creating a rate schedule, you will determine what a unit will equal and what rate per provider will be billed per unit. Rate schedules will be used for fee for service and care package billing when incremental charges are billed at a VARIABLE rate.

Unpost One Invoice

If billing changes need to be made after posting but before mailing out statements, you can apply an adjustment (when ResiDex A/R is in use)  OR unpost one invoice.

You can only apply an adjustment to current billing period if:

  • You use ResiDex A/R
  • You have "strict close" turned off (Please have an administrator contact us to turn this on or off).

A/R Editing a Batch

When you create a batch (group of payments) using ResiDex A/R, you are prompted for a deposit amount/total and batch date.  If you enter either of these in error, you can edit them.  It is very important to have this information accurate.  If the batch date is off by the wrong month/year it will immediately impact the aging reports. If the total is off, your accounts will not balance and the batch will not be able to close correcty.

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