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Enter an Assessment

Assessments are an important part of resident care.  RTasks offers customizable assessments and effective ways to manage assessments that assist in meeting regulatory requirements.

Users with Role 32 are able to document clinical Assessments.  Non-clinical assessments (leisure, dietary, and Bio/History) can be granted to non-nursing providers;  contact ResiDex support staff for assistance in doing so.

MD Order Snippets

Another use of the "Snippet" feature is to quickly create an MD order summary or allow quick entry of a set of Standing Orders. Create the snippet of text once and it is available to select and incorporate into MD Orders that are created.  

Alternatively, standing orders can be added to resident med lists as a Med Set, which will be automatically added to the list of resident meds in the MD Orders. 

Resident Bio/History

The Bio/History assessment offers users an opportunity to enter resident biographical data and personal preferences and share that with caregivers.  Information in the Bio/History assessment is entered in a similar fashion to other Residex assessments.  Once a bio/history assessment is marked complete, it can be either printed out and provided to staff, or sent electronically via RTasks to caregivers to review/acknowledge, and reference as needed to provide high quality, individualized care.  Bio/History is an assessment type that can be delegated to RTask users who do not have clinical roles assigned.