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Claim Services

Charting in RTasks allows for flexibility when scheduling services.  Some facilities use multiple providers,  in which each provider on a given day and shift has their own assignment:

  • Day HHA 1
  • Day HHA 2
  • Day HHA 3
  • Eve HHA 1
  • Eve HHA 2
  • Overnight

Alternatively, some facilities schedule to a single provider per shift and allow the caregivers to coordinate between themselves who will do each resident's service(s). For example:

  • Day HHA
  • Eve HHA
  • Overnight HHA

For providers using this latter method, ResiDex offer a means by which providers at the beginning of a shift can "claim" services by resident that they will be responsible for.  By claiming resident services, it will bring all those claimed services to the top of that employee's To Do list, and it will also flag the items so the other caregivers can see the plan. 

Nurse Med Setup/Review

RTasks EMARS will not only allow users to document the administration or declination of scheduled medications and unscheduled medications, but will first allow the nurse or manager to document that medications have been setup or reviewed/verified prior to the administration. With the ResiDex configuration option "Recap Med Setup" (i.e.Verify or Pour)" turned on, you will be able to mark each medication as being set up or reviewed/verified prior to administration by staff.

ResiDex staff can customize the term you would like to use, based upon your own medication policy and practices -  Med Setup, Med Review, or any variation on that.

Review of 'PRN' Meds Given

When "as needed" medications are administered, some states require documentation that a licensed nurse has reviewed them.  RTasks E-Mar offers a convenient solution.

The "Review As Needed Medication" option will allow an RN or LPN to mark as reviewed those as-needed medications that were administered.

Global Service List

The Global Services List is the resource screen for adding and creating services, determining how and where they appear, and what they will require of staff during the recap or documentation process.

Because the Global Service list plays such a key role in day-to-day operations, compliance, and billing, the Administrator (411 Role) is required for making any edits to this list.  Residex Support staff can assign this Administrator role, in collaboration with your company administrators - please note this role is typically restricted to as few users as possible.

Navigate from the RTasks Today Screen > +More > Administration > Global Services.

Considerations to keep in mind

  • A 'lean' service list means less scrolling for users, easier service tracking and accounting
  • Create variations of a service if billing requires different rate or charge types
  • The use of service snippets, used in conjunction with a service, can create variations on instructions for that service without making additional services

Campus Units

Campus units are initally entered during database setup, and involves entering the rooms/units  to which they can assign their residents. Campus Units may later need to be updated during an expansion or if additional rooms are made available or deactivated.

Users must be a Supervisor (Role 13) or Manager (Role 11) to view/enter Campus Units.

Campus Providers

Campus Providers are essentially the roles staff members assume in providing care to residents.  

Users with the Supervisory role (Role 13) can create and edit the providers who work at their facility.  A small setting may just have AM, PM, and NOC caregivers and an RN. A larger facility may break down providers by location, and have multiple providers operating at the same time (Assisted Living AM 1, Assisted Living AM 2, Memory Care AM 1, etc).

Once providers are created, the user will be able to assign services and chores to that provider.  

Service Set Setup

When entering services for a resident, RTasks allows users entry options:

  • Enter services individually as the nurse is completing the assessment, using our Assessment - Service links
  • Enter services individually from the Resident Profile > Service Plan, or
  • Create and use a Service Set to add a preset group of services for a resident.  This is useful for entering a group of vitals scheduled weekly or monthly

To create Service Sets, contact ResiDex support.  We'd be happy to assist you in setting these up.

Case Manager - Mass Update

If the case manager information changes for one or more residents, you can quickly change this information in ResiDex.

For more information on Case Manager options you can refer to the following documents:

Custom Text (Boiler Plate) Overview

The reason for using Boiler Plate is to create custom text to display at the bottom of a report. Sometimes, it is used to capture additional information or communicate specific information.

G/L Codes Setup

General Ledger (G/L) codes are used to group items together after invoicing.  Many times this is used to export charges then import them into another program such as Quick Books or Great Plains. This document will explain how to add/edit GL codes and select them for different charge types.

To add/edit Cash Receipt Types / GL Codes, you will need Staff Role #4 - Billing


Home Care vs. Housing Services

ResiDex will allow you to specify what services are homecare services or housing services.  Editing the "type" of service will impact Which residents display on the Client Roster report and how services are grouped on the Service screen and several reports.

MD Order Snippets

Another use of the "Snippet" feature is to quickly create an MD order summary or allow quick entry of a set of Standing Orders. Create the snippet of text once and it is available to select and incorporate into MD Orders that are created.  

Alternatively, standing orders can be added to resident med lists as a Med Set, which will be automatically added to the list of resident meds in the MD Orders. 

Med: Time, Initial & Follow Up on Special Remark Page

If you wish to record follow up information on as needed medications that have been given, you may wish to turn on the configuration option that will display additional fields on the special remarks page of certain medication forms.  The additional fields include:

  • Time
  • Follow Up
  • Initials

To make the following changes you will need either ResiDex user role 11 - Manager or 13 - Supervisor

Medication Names and Details

There may be times when you need to edit a medication name, usage, or side effects. All of this information is managed in the "Global Medication List" or the "Global Generic Medication List."

PRN Med Admin Limits

Medication entry in RTasks will allow you to specify the frequency and/or how many times a day an 'as needed' med is to be given.  

This can alert staff if they are attempting to administer a PRN med too early.  While it provides the alert, it does not prevent staff from proceeding.  It can also create the specified number of lines on paper MARs (if those are in use), for charting of PRN medications

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