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E-Charting Overview

Electronic charting of scheduled Services, Chores and Tasks is easy in RTasks!

Unscheduled Service

RTasks allows users to add unscheduled services.  An unscheduled service can be completed and documented immediately, or can be scheduled ahead for any provider, to appear on that provider's "to do" list.  Examples of a future unscheduled service might include:

  • the supervisor who wishes to schedule an additional temperature or blood glucose check for a resident who has been ill
  • additional safety check/s for a resident who has fallen
  • any other one-time 'extra' service that is required.

Care Plan Review

The Care Plan or Master Care Plan report in RTasks can provide a comprehensive view of the plan of care for a resident, based upon items selected in the nursing assessment. Each facility can setup the Master Care Plan to meet their own needs and requirements.  Each time a clinical assessment is marked complete, the Master Care Plan will be generated and can electronically be sent to staff in RTasks, prompting them to review and "electronically acknowledge"  the care plan.

Care Plan Reviews can be configured to be sent out based on communities within your campus. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want to limit what care plans your staff receive for review.

NOTE: The "Review Care Plan"/ Latest Care Plan visible is populated each time an assessment is MARKED COMPLETE.  Updated information is NOT pushed out or visible when changes are made using "Review assessment details".

Introduction to E-MAR

Medication Recap is a way to electronically document medications.  You can  document

  • Who received the medication
  • When the medications were given
  • Who administered the medication
  • Whether medications were administered or skipped/declined (and the reason)
  • Optional notes about any or all medication
  • Medication counts of controlled medications
  • Unscheduled medications that were given, including date/time and reason.

Claim Services

Charting in RTasks allows for flexibility when scheduling services.  Some facilities use multiple providers,  in which each provider on a given day and shift has their own assignment:

  • Day HHA 1
  • Day HHA 2
  • Day HHA 3
  • Eve HHA 1
  • Eve HHA 2
  • Overnight

Alternatively, some facilities schedule to a single provider per shift and allow the caregivers to coordinate between themselves who will do each resident's service(s). For example:

  • Day HHA
  • Eve HHA
  • Overnight HHA

For providers using this latter method, ResiDex offer a means by which providers at the beginning of a shift can "claim" services by resident that they will be responsible for.  By claiming resident services, it will bring all those claimed services to the top of that employee's To Do list, and it will also flag the items so the other caregivers can see the plan. 

Scheduled Activities

RTasks users may document participation at scheduled activities and record notes about each event. Before documenting activities in RTasks, you must do Activity Setup.

Users with Role 62 (Activities Setup) can perform this step.

Resident Profile

Resident Profiles are essentially the Face Sheets of the resident electronic health records. All staff may view information here;  users with provider type RN or LPN and users with role 11 - (Manager) or 13 - (Supervisor) are able to:

  • Admit a new resident
  • Update or edit current resident information (demographics, allergies etc...)
  • Change a client status (active, hold, or discharged)

There is an optional configuration that allows other provider types to update a resident status (place on hold or make active).  Contact ResiDex Support for assistance in setting this option.

Enter an Assessment

Assessments are an important part of resident care.  RTasks offers customizable assessments and effective ways to manage assessments that assist in meeting regulatory requirements.

Users with Role 32 are able to document clinical Assessments.  The ability to perform non-clinical assessments (leisure, dietary, and Bio/History) can be granted to non-nursing providers;  contact ResiDex support staff for assistance in doing so.

Switch Campuses

If you are a staff member of a multi-campus database, you may need to switch campuses while in RTasks.

Resident Note Entry

Resident notes feature allows users to document and view narrative notes about the resident. Entry and viewing resident notes requires role "5 - Resident Notes".  

If a provider type should be able to read resident notes (but not enter them), access to Resident Note reports can be granted and resident notes viewed by navigating to Fax/Print > Reports > Category- Resident Notes.

Med Assist

The Med Assist field will indicate who will assist the resident with the medication. This will determine if the medication appears on the Today screen when recapping medications, or if it appears on certain MARs. There are a few MARs that list both the medications that are HHA/RA AND Self administered medications, but many will simply list the HHA/RA assisted medications.

Medication Recap Snippets

Medication snippets are used with the "E-Mar" function in RTasks. Creation of these snippets will allow users to more quickly enter a note while documenting a med administration in RTasks. Snippets might be used to document  injection sites, topical patch locations, and pain scales.

Pilot E-MARs

Implementing EMAR

When implementing RTasks, users may wish to pilot the transition to EMAR in just one or two of their communities. This can be accomplished by turning on or off the EMAR at a the community setup screen.

Turn on/off E-mars per Community:

Navigate in RTasks to the Today Screen > +More > Administration > Communities and select the Community.  Add or remove a checkmark from the 'Enable EMAR for this community' checkbox.

How this Works:

  • Log into Rtasks Today Screen and select a provider
  • Look for Med Assist or Med Administration Services on the provider list of services
  • If a resident lives in a community where E-mars are turned OFF, a user will simply document a service (no medication information will be included in the details of the service).
  • If a resident lives in a community where E-mars are turned ON, a user will document each medication as administered or declined.


Populate Care Plans and Policies

Requiring staff to Review the Master Care Plan helps in meeting requirements that staff have been oriented to the plan of care and keeps staff up-to-date on the current needs of each resident.  Your staff regularly receive Care Plan Updates each time an assessment is marked complete. 

Policies and Procedures can be entered in RTasks and populated out to staff to review and acknowledge as well. 

Upon orientation, you may wish to have new staff review Care Plans and/or Policies and Procedures.  This can be managed from the Staff Profile in RTasks, by users who have Roles 11 (Manager) or 13 (Supervisor) OR are RN or LPN provider types.


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