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Introduction to E-MAR

Medication Recap is a way to electronically document medications.  You can  document

  • Who received the medication
  • When the medications were given
  • Who administered the medication
  • Whether medications were administered or skipped/declined (and the reason)
  • Optional notes about any or all medication
  • Medication counts of controlled medications
  • Unscheduled medications that were given, including date/time and reason.

Nurse Med Setup/Review

RTasks EMARS will not only allow users to document the administration or declination of scheduled medications and unscheduled medications, but will first allow the nurse or manager to document that medications have been setup or reviewed/verified prior to the administration. With the ResiDex configuration option "Recap Med Setup" (i.e.Verify or Pour)" turned on, you will be able to mark each medication as being set up or reviewed/verified prior to administration by staff.

ResiDex staff can customize the term you would like to use, based upon your own medication policy and practices -  Med Setup, Med Review, or any variation on that.

Review of 'PRN' Meds Given

When "as needed" medications are administered, some states require documentation that a licensed nurse has reviewed them.  RTasks E-Mar offers a convenient solution.

The "Review As Needed Medication" option will allow an RN or LPN to mark as reviewed those as-needed medications that were administered.

Creating Medication Sets

Medication sets are a list of As Needed medications (such as Standing Orders) that can be grouped/customized by the facility to enter for any resident with just a few clicks. A facility can choose to have one or more Med Sets (e.g. Routine Standing Orders, Hospice Standing Orders, etc...).  This article explains how to create or edit medication sets.

To manage Medication Sets, a user must have Role 19 - Diagnoses.


The medication Dosage field indicates how much of the medication is to be given.

Duration Days

The Duration Days field on the Resident Medications screen is directly linked to the Discontinue Date field. If you fill in the number of days the med is to be given, the discontinue date will automatically fill in with the correct date.


You can turn on the "expires" field for the medication to indicate when an order or medication is expiring. This information will show on the Centrally Stored Medication Record.


Indications will allow you to specify what a medication is treating.

Med "Days"

The "Days" field on the Resident Medications screen indicates what day(s) of the week a medication is to be provided.

Med Assist

The Med Assist field will indicate who will assist the resident with the medication. This will determine if the medication appears on the Today screen when recapping medications, or if it appears on certain MARs. There are a few MARs that list both the medications that are HHA/RA AND Self administered medications, but many will simply list the HHA/RA assisted medications.

Med Entry - + Med Button

During medication entry, you may find that the medication you need is not listed.  You can add it directly from the Med Entry screen if you have ResiDex user role 19 - Meds and Diagnoses.

You can manage the current list of medications using the Global Medication List and the Global Generic Medication List.

Med Entry: Med Set

Medication Sets in ResiDex allow you to create one or more "groups" or "sets" of medications (such as standing orders) that can quickly be entered for any resident.  Once the medication sets have been created,  the "Med Set" option allows the user to quickly enter the group of medications for any resident. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for assistance with creating/modifying medication sets.


Med Frequency

The Med Frequency field (or "Freq" for sort) indicates how many times, on the specified days, a medication is to be provided.

Med Route

The "Route" field on the Resident Medications screen indicates how / where the medication is to be administered (ie by mouth, both eyes, both ears.)

Med Sheets/MAR Instructions

At the top of many of our Med Sheets/MAR reports there are detailed instructions.  These instructions can easily be customized for each database.

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