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Referrals & Appointments

Tracking resident appointments and creating an effective system of managing referrals is an important part of resident care.  Referral Appointments can be managed in RTasks and allows users to:

  • enter all upcoming appointments (even months ahead) and be able to view and manage these, create calendars and appointment reports
  • set up notifications which will show upcoming appointments
  • create referral forms that include all details about the appointment 
  • notify staff via RTask login reports of appointments that day, AND
  • assign specific staff to assist the resident in preparing for the appointment (this appears as a service in their "to do" list that day).
  • print the referral and/or vital signs to be sent with the resident and mark the service "complete"
  • add notes  to completed appointments--  summary of the appointment and  action items for coordination of care
  • mark as reviewed the referral appointment, conveying that the referral was completely addressed.

The Referrals forms can be customized (both the Referral Types and formatted text). 

Electronic Signatures

Electronic signatures automatically display staff names at the bottom of certain forms.

MD Order Review

MD Order Notifications allows nurses or supervisors to be reminded of MD orders coming due.  In addition, ResiDex offers a review screen providing an overview of the MD orders at your campus.  This will give a one-screen, read-only view of suppressed notifications, MD Orders coming due,  and residents with no MD orders created.

Referral Types

Each facility has control over the types of Referral Appointments they can create. 

If you are a nurse (staff with the provider type RN or LPN) or a user with the Manager and/or Supervisor role you will have access to creating referral types in RTasks.