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Editing Snippets

Once Sippets are created you can edit the details of the Snippet for future use or remove the snippet so it is not available to use again. The method used to edit and delete snippets are applicable for service, assessment, referral and MD order snippets.

MD Order Snippets

Another use of the "Snippet" feature is to quickly create an MD order summary or allow quick entry of a set of Standing Orders. Create the snippet of text once and it is available to select and incorporate into MD Orders that are created.  

Alternatively, standing orders can be added to resident med lists as a Med Set, which will be automatically added to the list of resident meds in the MD Orders. 

Medication Recap Snippets

Medication snippets are used with the "E-Mar" function in RTasks; they allow users to more quickly enter a note while documenting a med administration in RTasks. Snippets might be used to document  injection sites, topical patch sites, and pain scales.

Service Snippets

Service snippets are pieces of reusable pieces of text that help to build task details for services selected for a resident.  You don't want service snippets to contain resident specific information such as room numbers or names but they can contain information pertaining to instructions that could be used for multiple people.