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Staff Health Info

Staff health information allows users to track due dates for items such as TB tests and chest X-rays due, Hepatitis B vaccination status, and allergies.  These can all be managed in RTasks under the Staff Profile > Health option.  Users with Role 14 (Staff Data Entry) can enter this information.

Delete Saved Passwords

RTasks.net is a website application, which means it is accessed through a Web Browser.  The web browser you use (Google, Firefox, etc...)  may offer to "Save your password?" as the user is logging in.  If you press "Yes", any user can log into RTasks under your credentials. It is very important that you do not  save your RTasks password on a device that other people are using.

If you save your credentials, this document outlines how to delete saved passwords (from all websites) Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Fire Fox browsers.

Staff Certification Management

The Staff Certification area of RTasks allows users to enter and track staff orientation status, background checks, and performance evaluation due dates.  It includes an area for tracking Staff Certifications and can alert users to clinical license, driver's license, auto insurance, and CPR certifications, etc. which may be coming due.  The list of available certifications can be customized for each database.

In order to document staff employment details or certifications a user must have staff role 14 - Staff Data Entry or role 16 - Staff Notes.

In-Service Documentation

Staff training is a key part of care delivery;  documentation of training and in-services attended is easily completed in RTasks.

Users with Roles 14 or 17 can document inservice training.  Role 14 is required if entering data in the Staff Profile. 

Transfer Staff

If your organization includes multiple campuses, users will initially have access to only one campus by default. Even if a user has been granted access to multiple campuses, they will have only one location specified as their 'Primary' Campus.  The primary campus is the first campus viewed as they log into RTasks.

You can easily manage which building is a user's Primary Campus with just a few clicks!

Alerts Activation

RTasks allows Supervisors (Role 13) and Nurses to set up alerts via text message or email, notifying them of important information such as incidents entered that are awaiting review, unread snap messages, missed medications, and others. These alerts can be turned on or off by the individual staff person.

Setting up the type of alerts available requires Supervisory Role 13 and is managed under the Manage Alerts option.

Desktop ResiDex Passwords

When users log in to Desktop ResiDex they will be required to enter a password.  The first time they log in the password is by default "password" . After entering the default password, they will be prompted to create a new password.  There are times when the ResiDex password may need to be reset.  You may wish to reset a password due to the user forgetting their password or for security reasons anytime.

Staff Email and Text

Before staff begin setting up their alerts, it is recommended that all email addresses and SMS (text/phone) numbers be entered in the Staff Profile Screen.

Staff Supervision Overview

When completing a staff supervision, a user is prompted for the date of the next due.  Once these are entered, they are accessed from the "Staff Supervision Overview" screen.

Staff Title

In ResiDex a staff member is assigned to a Provider Type and (optionally) a Staff Title.  While the Provider Type is usually limited because it simply creates a "Hierarchy", the Staff Title is a "free text" field.

Both Provider Type and Staff Title will display on the report Staff List - Incl Provider Type.